Engineering Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1.Participate in the plant construction, cooperate with the design institute and the contract unit in the concept design, basic design and detail design and other stages of communication, to meet the needs of the company's user departments, including equipment utility equipment configuration selection;
2.Formulate various rules and regulations for equipment management, issue equipment and facility inspection forms, and promote their implementation;
3.Responsible for organizing the formulation of equipment procurement, update, transformation and scrap plan, major maintenance plan, spare parts purchase plan, verification plan, and organizing the implementation;
4.Responsible for the management of equipment archives, technical data, fixed assets, contracts, equipment, energy, metrology and engineering as required by cGMP;
5.Organize or participate in the handling of major equipment accidents;
6.Organize the examination and approval of technical measures and maintenance programs, and participate in the completion acceptance;
7.Responsible for the daily management, assessment, safety education and other knowledge training and technical management and guidance of department staff;
8.Ensure the normal operation of equipment, equipment management, maintenance, repair, maintenance, to ensure the smooth completion of the project.

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above in mechanical, electromechanical, chemical, safety or environmental engineering, with more than 5 years working experience;
2.Equipment management experience in large pharmaceutical company is preferred;
3.Knowledge of project management, mechanical principles, modern equipment management, familiar with equipment management process, proficient in related engineering machinery maintenance;
4.Have excellent equipment management experience and personnel management experience, strong comprehensive analysis ability, strong system construction ability, excellent organizational coordination and problem solving ability and good team spirit;
5.Good command of English, can be used as working language.