Warehouse Supervisor

Job Responsibilities:

1.Participate in the construction of warehouse and put forward reasonable suggestions;
2.Responsible for the overall management of the company's warehousing and logistics department, responsible for the formulation, implementation, improvement and optimization of various management systems, business processes and operational norms of the warehousing and logistics department;
3.Responsible for the overall work of the warehouse and daily management, coordination between departments and functional departments;
4.Responsible for the audit and supervision of warehouse entry, exit, inventory and other operations, tracking the implementation of various work systems, signing and receiving documents and receipts at all levels in the warehouse;
5.Timely reflect the inventory status of the warehouse, ensure the consistent number of warehouse accounts, cards and goods; Ensure the accuracy of inventory data;
6.Timely review and report warehouse safety and operation status, take preventive measures;
7.Organize daily inventory of warehouse. Make sure that the actual account is consistent with the account card. Issue inventory and analysis report;
8.Establish safety inventory mechanism, analyze and control inventory, and take effective measures to control inventory cost;
9.Be able to provide and control material consumption as required by cost accounting;
10.Responsible for material data management and statistics.

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above in logistics, supply chain, above 5 years warehouse management experience in pharmaceutical company;
2.Basic accounting knowledge, familiar with SAP system is preferred;
3.Have the ability of team leadership, communication and coordination, problem solving, plan implementation, etc;
4.Good command of English, can be used as working language.