EHS Supervisor

Job Responsibilities:

1.Participate in plant construction, responsible for the company's EHS management;
2.Preparation, implementation and summary of EHS manual, policy, objectives, indicators and performance;
3.Establish and update EHS system and specification;
4.Handling and reporting of industrial accidents (accident analysis, liability investigation and handling);
5.Daily management, procurement, evaluation, distribution, recycling of PPE;
6.Third level education for new employees and safety training for on-duty employees;
7.Formulate and implement emergency plans;
8.Communicate with government functional departments (Fire station, Safety supervision, Environmental protection agency, Health department, Special equipment supervision and administration bureau, etc.);
9.Three simultaneous (Project feasibility study, environment, safety, sanitation, fire protection pre-evaluation, special design article, acceptance evaluation and current situation evaluation, etc);
10.Occupational health management (Evaluation, monitoring, training, physical examination, prevention, archives management);
11.Hazard identification and environmental factor identification evaluation (major hazard and environmental factor monitoring, planning and treatment, etc.);
12.Safety management of construction units (hot work, confined space work, etc.) ;
13.Environmental management (waste detection, environmental protection facilities renovation, clean production, energy conservation projects, etc.).

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above in mechanical, electromechanical, chemical, safety or environmental engineering, with more than 5 years working experience;
2.Certified safety engineer is preferred;
3.Have the ability of standardization construction of safety production in pharmaceutical industry, familiar with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 system certification;
4.Proficient in safety production and environmental protection knowledge, familiar with EHS laws and regulations and policies;
5.Strong leadership, judgment and decision-making skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, planning and execution skills;
6.Good command of English, can be used as working language.